The Estuary Staff

Staff Listings

Stan Mingione- Executive Director– Ext 215 DIRECTOR@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Sharon Slaton- Director of Operations - Ext 205 ADMIN@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Laura Robbins- Director of Nutritional Wellness – Ext 217 NUTRITION@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Garith Fulham- Program Coordinator - Ext 211 PROGRAMS@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Micaela Finnegan- Social Worker – Ext 204 SOCIALWORKER@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Heather Milardo- Director of Development and Outreach – Ext 210 DEVELOPMENT@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Kristen Dineen - Congregate Manager -CONGREGATE@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Gariann Chiarella- Midstate Meals on Wheels Coordinator -MSMEALS@YOURESTUARY.ORG

David Traskos- Transportation Manager – Ext 203 EMOTS@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Aaron Pratt- Director of Food Services – Ext 218 KITCHEN@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Wendy Kovar- Office Assistant - Ext. 206 OFFICE@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Kim Wilcox- Thrift Shop – Ext. 219

Adam Chamis- Kitchen Manager

Lisa Emack- Clinton Cafe Manager CAFECLINTON@YOURESTUARY.ORG

Carole Diffley- Old Lyme Cafe Manager

Peg Barret- Kitchen Roundsman


Philip Read- Fitness Coordinator

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